Statement on Harassment

In December of 2014, Attorney Norman Siegel, and a small group of theater professionals met to discuss harassment and abuse in the theatrical community. They drew up a preliminary Statement of Principle in order to raise awareness and identify ways in which the handling of such cases could be improved. On January 12, 2015, a larger group of supporters and representatives from the AEA, Dramatists Guild and the SDC met at New Dramatists to discuss it. The following Statement is the result of that discussion, incorporating the criticisms and ideas generated by the group. Over five hundred theater professionals and advocates have signed on to support the statement. We hope the Coalition of Broadway Unions and Guilds will give the following ideas and concerns their due consideration. The statement is published below.

Statement of Principle

No one should be forced to choose between her personal safety and dignity, and her job. But too often in the theater community this is exactly the choice that women must make. Sexual discrimination and harassment and gender-based violence often occur in the intimate and physical context of a theater production.

Victims of such conduct face a stark choice between continuing to work in close collaboration with their abuser and quitting the show. Few can afford to give up a job and lose not only income, but also the opportunity for career advancement. There is a sense in the community that it is not necessarily in a victim’s best interest to report abuse because of fear that the response will be insufficient and open her up to retribution.

In addition, many instances of abuse happen outside of the physical boundaries of a theater. No theater, union or guild currently takes responsibility for handling such cases. However, the two people involved will most likely have to work together the next day or in another production, and the victims are left to deal with the aftermath by themselves. In the face of these realities, victims often choose silence and the abuse is allowed to continue. It is time for the theater community to break its own silence on harassment and abuse and formally address the problem.

The reality is that those who behave abusively are generally in positions of power. Artistic directors hold the power to employ, playwrights have hiring approval; removing a director mid-rehearsal puts an entire production in doubt; losing a celebrity from the cast hurts ticket sales. All of these roles continue to be held predominantly by men and their victims are predominantly women. An unresolved conflict with a person in power can easily become an ongoing barrier to career opportunities throughout a woman’s career. Harassment and abuse are contributing factors that slow the advancement of women in theater.

We are aware of men being intentionally injured during performances, as well as gay and straight men being harassed and abused in much the same way as women have been. Victims can be anyone, stagehands as well as actresses, designers as well as writers. A more robust and victim-centered response to the problem will move the culture forward and benefit all.

On January 12th at New Dramatists, a meeting was held of members of the theater community, including representatives from the Dramatists Guild of America, the Actor’s Equity Association and the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society. Three proposals for change and enhancement of their existing procedures were generated and discussed:

  1. We recommend that a clear statement be read at each professional production’s first company meeting outlining the procedure to file a complaint. The procedures and related contact numbers should be prominently posted on theater and union/guild websites.
  2. We recommend that each union or guild designate a specific person to receive complaints. This person should be thoroughly educated and knowledgeable about the procedures and be prepared to guide victims to them and to appropriate support services.
  3. We recommend that, when appropriate, a mediation process overseen by a neutral professional be added to what the unions and guilds currently offer to parties in dispute over a claim of abuse or harassment.

Mediation has an overwhelming success rate. Over the past twenty years it has become a broadly endorsed method for handling harassment claims in the courts and in private practice. All federal district courts are required by law to devise and implement programs to promote and encourage alternative dispute resolution. The New York Supreme Court has both mandatory and voluntary mediation programs, depending on the nature of the dispute. A study of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) mediation program found that 91% of claimants and 96% of respondents who used mediation to solve their dispute would use it again. It is commonly held that when disputing parties voluntarily participate in mediation they are more likely to abide by the terms of their agreement and there is less likely to be retribution, one of the most common reasons victims do not come forward with complaints. Moreover, mediation provides a complainant the opportunity to speak for herself and empowers her to participate in shaping a remedy. It also allows the accused to clarify his side of the story and avoid public charges. In addition, mediation is the most likely method to reach an amicable resolution in a relatively short time, which limits costs and disruption to the production, theater, union or guild.

We strongly recommend and support making these simple changes to recognize and address the needs of the victims of abuse. By instituting these measures, the unions and guilds will be taking steps towards ensuring the safety and dignity of their members.

The theater community has long whispered, laughed and written about harassment in its ranks, telling tales of the casting couch and out of control stars. It is past time we stopped ignoring or even encouraging abusive behavior and publicly recognize the existence of sexual discrimination, harassment, and gender-based violence within our community. It is time to confront and overcome this abuse.

The Lilly Awards Foundation
New Georges
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Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York (A.R.T./New York)
The League of Professional Theater Women
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Kate Erbe, Actor
Joanna Gleason, Actor
Jane Alexander, Actor & former Director of the NEA
Marsha Norman, Playwright
Jessica Chastain, Actor
Jess Weixler, Actress
Neil Labute, Playwright &Director
Terry Kinney, Actor & Director & Steppenwolf Theater Company founder
Jose Rivera, Playwright & Screenwriter
Tracey Scott Wilson, Playwright & Screenwriter
Thandie Newton, Actor
Todd London, Director U of WA Drama, former director New Dramatists
Gloria Steinem, Journalist and Activist
Norman Siegel, Lawyer
Karen Hartman, Playwright
Lynn Nottage, Playwright,
Jo Bonney, Director
Tony Goldwyn, Actor& Director
Amy Morton, Actor
Martha Plimpton, Actor
Amanda Green, Lyricist
David Cromer, Actor & Director
Jonathan Marc Sherman, Playwright
Stephen Adly Gurgis, Actor & Playwright
Richard LaGravenese, Playwright, Screenwriter & Director
Vivienne Benesch, Actor & Director
Mairin Lee, Actor
Sheri Wilner, Playwright
Nina Hellman, Actor
Katie Finneran, Actor
Shannon Burkett, Actor & Playwright
Jeannie Dorsey, Playwright & Screenwriter
Kristen Anderson Lopez, Actress, Lyricist
Bobby Lopez, Composer & Lyricist
Georgia Stitt, Composer & Lyricist
Jason Robert Brown, Composer & Lyricist
Lear deBessonet, Director
Sasha Eden, actress, Artistic Director Women’s Expressive Theater
Casey Childs, director, Executive Producer of Primary Stages
Andrew Leynse, Artistic Director of Primary Stages
Elliot Fox, Managing Director of Primary Stages
Adam Greenfield, Associate Artistic Director of Playwrights Horizons
Maddie Corman, Actress
Randy Graff, Actress
Kelli Garner, Actor
Adam Bock, Playwright
Julia Jordan, Playwright & Lyricist
Brooke Berman, Playwright
Susan Bernfield, Artistic Director of New Georges
Deb Laufer, Playwright
David Friedlander, Entertainment Lawyer
Linda Chapman, Associate Artistic Director
Jim Nicola, Artistic Director
Jack Doulin, casting director, NYTW
Jeremy Blocker, Managing director of NYTW
Stephen Belber, Playwright
Anne Washburn, Playwright
Tanya Barfield, Playwright
Lucy Thurber, Playwright
Betsy Aidem, Actor
Marin Ireland, Actor
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Evan Cabnet, Director
Daniel Talbott, Playwright, Director, Actor, Artistic Director of Rising Pheonix Rep
Cusi Cram, Playwright
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Mike Lew, Playwright
Adam Gwon, Composer & Lyricist
Francine Volpe, Playwright
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Andrea Ciannavei, Playwright
Charlayne Woodard, Actress & Playwright
Bekkah Brunstetter, Playwright
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Winter Miller, Playwright & Journalist
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Kait Kerrigan, Playwright and Lyricist
Deborah Stein, Playwright
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Judith Binus, Stage Manager
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Maxine Kern, Dramaturg
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Sarah Hammond, Playwright & Lyricist
Lisa Joyce, Actor
Ilana Ransom Toeplitz, Director & Choreographer
Nicole Pandolfo, Playwright
Zach Shaffer, Actor
Tari Stratton, Director of Education and Outreach for the Dramatists Guild
Helen Sneed, Playwright
Lauren Feldman, Playwright
Joanna Carpenter, Actress
Tammy Ryan, Playwright
James Carpinello, Actor
Mahayana Landowne, Director
Jenny Maguire, Actor
Jill Dolan, Professor of Theater, Gender Studies and English Lit at Princeton Univ.
Alexandra Neil, Actress
Charise Castro Smith, Playwright & Actor
Diane DiVita, Stage Manager
Kathryn Meisle, Actor
Marguerite Stimpson, Actor
Marjorie Duffield, Playwright
Maria Gobetti, Artistic Director of the Victory Theater Center
Valerie Weak, Actor & Educator
Laura Shamas, Playwright
Jennie Webb, Playwright
Robin Byrd, Playwright
Caterina Bartha, Producer, Director of Finance at the Dramatists Guild
Neil Huff, Actor
Bryce Pinkham, Actor
Somer R. Benson, Actor
Kim Chelf Haymes, Actor
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Laura T. Fisher, Actor
Aaron Christensen, Actor
B.J. Jones, Artistic Director Northlight Theatre
Kirsten Fitzgerald, Actor, Artistic Director, A Red Orchid Theatre
Jennifer Markowitz
Caitlin Parrish, Playwright
Michael Patrick Thorton, Co-Founder & Artistic director, The Gift Theatre
Robin Witt, Director
Elizabeth Ellis, Actor & playwright
Caroline Neff, Actor
Jason Butler Harner, Actor
Janelle Snow, Actor & Educator
Michael Denini, Actor
Bilal Dardai, Playwright, Artistic Director of The Neo-Futurists
Hillary Clemens, Actor, The Gift Theatre Company ensemble member
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Maria Margaglione, Actor
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Paul N. Moulton, Playwright
Isaac Gomez, Literary Manager, Victory Gardens Theater
Thomas J. Cox, Actor & Educator
Kristin Idaszak, Playwright
Justine Serino, Actor
Erica Weiss, Director
Jason A. Fleece, Director
Mickle Maher, Playwright, Co-Founder of Theater Oobleck
Andrew Hinderaker, Playwright, Ensemble Member, The Gift Theatre Company
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Dani Bryant, Playwright
Elaine Romero, Playwright
Guy Van Swearingen, Actor
Whitney Morse, Actor
Natasha Lowe, Actor
Cynthia Castiglione, Actor
Carin Silkaitis, Artistic Director & Actor, Professor at North Central College
Theo Allyn, Actor
Roderick Peeples, Actor
Rita Vreeland, Stage Manager
Corrbette Pasko, Actor, Playwright
Marika Mashburn, Actor, Casting Director
Dutes Miller, Performance & Visual Artist
Stan Shellabarger, Performance & Visual Artist
Monty Cole, Artistic Programs Manager & Casting Director, Victory Gardens Theater
Tiffany Scott, Actor
Brian Russell, Director
Jared Fernley, Actor
Warner Crocker, Director, Playwright
Kelly Lynn Hogan, Actor
Erica Sartini-Combs, Casting Professional
Jodi Kingsley, Actor, Ensemble Member – Irish Theatre of Chicago
Rachael Patterson, Owner, Acting Studio Chicago
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Alison C. Vesely, Artistic Director, First Folio Theatre
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Christy Arington, Actor & Educator
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Dana Black, Actor
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Richard Gilbert, Violence Designer, Co-founder R&D Choreography
Darci Nalepa, Actor
Patrick McGroarty-King, Actor
Jonathan Mastro, Composer and Writer
Mary Jo Bolduc, Actor
Rebecca Spence, Actor, Rivendell Theatre Ensemble member
Jacey Powers, Actor
Jeff Still, Actor
Jeremy Wechsler, Artistic/Executive Director of Theater Wit
Zev Valancy, Literary Manager/Dramaturg Stage Left Theatre
Anthony Venturini, Actor
Melissa Engle, Actor
Dave Skvarla, Actor
Anna Carini, Actor & Writer
Brad Akin, Director
Joanie Schultz, Director
Angela Miller, Scenic Designer
Michael Dailey, Actor & Strawdog Theatre Company
Brant Russell, Asst. Professor of Drama, Conservatory of Music at the U of Cincinnati
Hannah Gomez, Actor
Brandon Ray, Playwright & Director
Cheryl Graeff, Actor
Belinda Bremner, Actor
Rani Waterman, Actor
Nicole Wiesner, Actor, Associate Artistic Director, Trap Door Theatre
David Chrzanowski, Assistant Professor of Acting & Movement
Danielle O’Farrell, Actor
Kate Staiger, Actor, Director & Teaching Artist
Monica Payne, Director
Mary Winn Heider, Actor
Rosalind Hurwitz, Actor
Ronan Marra, Director & Playwright, Co-Artistic Director, Signal Ensemble Theatre
Michael Pacas, Actor, Singer
Elizabeth Laidlaw, Actor, Artistic Director of Lakeside Shakespeare Theatre
Dr. Carrie Anna Wooden-Courtad, Former Stage Manager, Current Citizen
Cindy Gold, Actor
Sarah Wellington, Actor
Elaine Rivkin, Actor
Judy Blue, Actor
Stephen Spencer, Actor
Courtney O’Neill, Scenic Designer
Jeremy Hersh, Filmaker
Laura Scott Wade, Actor
Debra Rodkin, Actor
Sarah Gitenstein, Actor & Director
Ellyn Costello, Stage Manager
Stefan Brün, Artistic Co-director Prop Thtr
Janet Ulrich Brooks, Actor
Meghan Reardon, Actor, Associate Artistic Director of Red Tape Theatre
Jack Hickey, Actor & Director, Artistic Director of Oak Park Festival Theatre
Bruch Reed, Actor
Mitchell J. Fain, Actor
Sabrina Mandell, Artistic Co-Director of Happenstance Theater
Amanda Eaton Sinko, Actor, Director & Writer
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Malic White, Actor, The Neo-Futurists
Brian Amidei, Managing Director of WildClaw Theatre
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Anthony Moseley, Executive & Artistic Director of Collaboration Theatre
David Rice, Executive Director of First Folio Theatre
Alison C. Vesely, Artistic Director of First Folio Theatre
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Katherynne Wolf, Actor, Director & Producer at Wolf Point Media
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Victoria Deiorio, Original Music & Sound Designer
Damon Kiely, Assoc Prof of Acting & Dir, The Theatre School at DePaul University
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Stef Tovar, Actor, Artistic Director of Route 66 Theatre Company
Lili-Anne Brown, Director & Actor, Artistic Director of Bailiwick Chicago
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Chay Yew, Artistic Director of Victory Gardens Theater
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Corrie Besse, Managing Director, Theater & Performance Studies Department at University of Chicago
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Lavina Jadhwani, Director
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Jon Steinhagen, Playwright & Actor, Resident Playwright of Chicago Dramatists
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Gwendolyn Whiteside, Producing Artistic Director, American Blues Theater
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Jennifer Avery, Actor & Teaching Artist
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Halena Kays, Artistic Council of The Hypocrites, Member of The Ruffians
Elizabeth Levy, Actor, Program Director
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Peter Moore, Actor
Annie Sauter, Actor
Melissa McNamara, Theatre Artist & Educator
Sandy Shinner, Director, Shattered Globe Theatre
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Amanda Farrar, Arts Administrator
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Sarah Goeden, Actor
Matt Schwader, Actor & Educator
Claire Tuft, Department Asst, Dept. of French &Italian, Northwestern University
Matt Foss, Director
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David Fink, Actor & Musician, Educator
Amanda Stertz, Wardrobe Supervisor
Ann Duncan Hlavach
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Noel Allain Actor, founder and Artistic Director of the Bushwick Starr
Carolina Ravassa Actor
Patricia Noonan, Actor
Janet Ohlhausen, Retired Educator
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Stephanie Polt, Communications Manager & Actor for Oracle Productions
Tony Santiago, Producer, Actor & Educator, Oracle & Catharsis Productions
Donnell Williams, Actor, Barrel Of Monkeys Theatre
Kati Brazda, Actor
Emily Pontecorvo, Film Producer
Ann Lupo, Filmmaker
Claire Brooks, Film Producer
Siena Brown, Filmmaker
Heather McIntosh, Composer
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Sydney Buchan, Film Producer
Evan Roberts, Filmmaker
Katie Henry, Playwright
Joanna Naugle, Film Editor
Jason Kohl, Filmmaker
Kendra Mylnechuk, Actor
Jeremy Lee Cudd, Actor & Director, Educator
Ella Hatamian, Filmmaker
Kevin Hayden, Cinematographer
Lorenzo Leviste, Art Administrator
Elizabeth Fox, Actor
Alyssa Vera Ramos, Actor & Director, Educator
Emma Meltzer, Actor
Jessica Smith, Actor
Cecilia Delgado, Filmmaker
Jonathan Hurwitz, Television Writer
Jen Schwartz, Composer
Savannah Dooley, Television Writer
Emmeline Wilks-Dupoise, Production Designer
Susie Greenwald, Educator
Jessica Brody
Jim Cummings, Film Producer
Shannon Hoag, Actor
Wm. Bullion, Director
Diana Lawrence, Composer & Music Director
Gus Menary, Director
Rob Colletti, Actor
Marguerite Hammersley, Actor
Cecilia Hardacker, Nurse Educator
Tonya Hart, Artist & Educator
Carson Grace Becker, Playwright, Screenwriter, Educator
Laura Cohen, Producer, Ow My Eye Productions
Joe Winston, Documentary Filmmaker
Carmen Aiello, Casting Director
Geoff Loren, Mathematician
Jamie Virostko, Playwright
Nya Watkins, Actor
Tim Decker, Actor
Sarah Beth Jackson, Actor
Steve Key, Actor
Taylor Bibat, Actor, Producer & Educator
Shane Kenyon, Actor
Britnee Ruscitti, Educator
Claire Wellin, Actor & Musician
Angela Dahl, Actor
Charene Nagel